Nikola Jovanović

Nikola Jovanović is the owner of the Kontra record label and management agency which is giving advice and guidance to artists and labels. With 15 years of experience in the music business, Nikola is one of the key people in Balkan Music Business.

Nikola is Vice President of RUNDA Regional Association Of Independent Labels Balkans.

He is a guest lecturer at SAE Belgrade University where he teaches Music Business. Previously, he was the MTV Adria Talent and Music manager overseeing the company music department in Adria region and CEO and Co-Founder of Lampshade Media record label.

He is a passionate concertgoer and was involved in the production of more than 300 concerts and festivals in Serbia. Jovanovic is a graduate of Belgrade Art Academy where he holds a degree in Music production and sound recording. Nikola is Manager of Buč Kesidi, Serbian music sensation.