Nikola Rajović

Nikola Rajović, manager in pop culture, dj, music producer, promoter, vinyl junkie, occasional writer, podcaster and interviewer, founder of MMC.

Montenegro Music Conference – MMC 

Two-day international conference for independent artists. The event consists of knowledge exchange meetings and panel discussions with relevant stakeholders and music authors from the country, region, and Europe. The topics will tentatively cover social and economic protection measures for protecting rights in the music industry; copyrights protection; and relevant issues related to the long term development of the independent music scene in Montenegro, such as the importance of a transparent and participatory system of governance in the music sector, international and national legislation related to artistic freedom and etc. The music performances by local independent music artists and bands will take part, and a diversified music program will take place, and be a part of the evening program of the conference. This will be a chance for local artists to promote and valorize their work.