Sefedina Rekić

Sefedina Rekić  is director of Stage Art d.o.o. – the agency’s concert publisher for 25 years, with more than 870 realized concerts, festival tours, anniversaries of cities and businesses. States in which Stage Art performed concerts, tours; Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sefedina Rekić has been the Artistic Director of the Bihać Music Festival since 1995. The Bihac Music Festival has been in existence since 1995. live TV broadcast on BHRTV and Fedelana TV with the presence of more than 50 media outlets: which they won and participated in; Tose Proeski, Toni Cetinski, Martin Vucic, Hari Mata Hari, Jacques Houdek, Nermin Puskar Pushko, Marijan Novina, Deen, Alen Islamovic, and many others in the program’s part: Dubioza Kolektiv, LAKA, dado Topic band – General Danger and many others . Concerts Dino Merlin Zdravko Colic, Parni Valjak, Giboni, Zeljko Joksimovic, Marija Serifovic, Paco de Lucia, Van Gogh, S.A.R.S. , Dirty Theater, No Smoking, Cold Beer, Lexington, White Button, Oliver Dragojevic etcCo-owner of Concert & Touring Technique.