Simona Dimkovska

Simona Dimkovska was born 1989 in Kumanovo. In 2011 she graduated at the facility of Architecture at the University of Ss. Cyril And Methodius University in Skopje. At the same university she graduated acting in 2015. She successfully combines and applies knowledge from both fields. Simona works as actor and stage designer graduation play Ljubov(2013), produced by the youth cultural centre in Skopje. She also created the stage design of the play God of the Massacre(2014), produced by the Facility of Dramatic Arts – Skopje. Simona has participated in many workshops on various topics: Chekov;Voice and body, Brecht;Politics and Theatre, as well as many international theatre festivals. As actor, after completing her studies, she started in several plays by well established director Slobodan Unkovkski: Thessaloniki – Ghoust Thown (2015); Lerin (2016) – Both produced by the independent Cvetko Navigator Theatre in co-production with NI Theater “Voidan Chernodrinski„ – Prilep. In the field of Film and TV she appears in several commercials, where in „Skopsko for us“ she collaborates with director Milcho Mancevski. She appears in several domestic television series: „Prespa“„Family Markovski“, as well as the Russian series „Krestnij“, directed by Timur Aplatov. She has a supporting role the movie „Secret Ingredient“(2017) directed by Gjorce Stavreski, winner of many international awards, and starring in the short film „Vera“(2019), directed by Vera Nedeska. She has received prestigious Young Actress Award at the 54 th MTF Vojdan Chernodrinski in Prilep 2019 for her role in the play „The physics of sadness“. Simona in 2018 together with a group of young enthusiasts, founded the international association „Cultural Echoes“. The organization seeks to launch a process of rediscovering the city and initiating significant social changes. The organization works for the benefit of urban, environmental responsibility and sustainability by leading citizen participation in the local government decisions. Cultural Echoes in 2019 submits an initiative to the Government of Republic North Macedonia for the conversion of the abandoned industrial complex found in Skopje – „Kuprom“ in to a student city. The initiative was widely accepted by the public. Same year the association also establishes cooperation with Manicipality of Karpos, where the abandoned sports hall „Partizan“ is located, and strives to revitalize and protect the sports hall. Cultural Echoes as part of the activities provides arhitectural design solution and hopes Partizan to became a public space once again.