Strahinja Babić

Strahinja Babić is an event organiser, social activist, and co-founder of the DUK festival – the festival that integrates music&art with extreme sports. 

The first DUK festival was organised in 2015 to mark the opening of a newly constructed skate park. It started as an underground event but through time it grew to bring alternative music genres to a wider audience. 

Their aim is to enhance the cultural life and bring more diversity to the local community by organising music events, street art jams, art exhibitions, various arts&crafts workshops, sports events, etc.

The project idea is to lay the foundation of a new segment of the DUK festival and design a space for local and regional artists to connect and present their music to a broader audience.

The concept is to create a stage in the middle of the skate park, providing a unique surrounding for the performers and a vibrant experience for the audience. During the two-day festival, we will host local and regional artists and give a chance to newly established and alternative genre bands to play alongside recognized national and international musicians, creating fertile ground for the exchanging of knowledge, networking, and boosting the local music scene.