Tonci Viskovic

Working in event organisation for 6 years i organised a wide range of events.

As a founder of project UBIJMO DOSADU, and vice president of ̋non profit organissation Momentum ̋ organised a wide range of workshops, classes, partys and similar culturaly progressive things. Through it i also organised a festivcal in my city called ̋Moment Fest ̋ whitch puts together all of those activities.

President at the Coalition of Youth Associations ̋KUM ̋ which runs a underground club Kocka in Split. Club Kocka is the main core of the underground scene in my town for around 20 years, bringing a huge amount of artists from all over the world. Promoting the scene by leaps and bounds
and raising a huge diversity of young artist by giving them a chance to perform their arts. Through ̋Momentum ̋I am also a part of PDM – Platform of the home of the young ̋ through witch we promote the quality of life for young people in Split in colaboration with the city.

I also have experience from a few different festivals i was a part of in some way, like: Goulash Disko Festival, Ego free Festival , LUZ – Lastovo u zvijezdama, Regius Festival, etc

For years i have been doing all this volunteer work, purely out of love for my city and trying to expand the cultural scene

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