Vanja Vuksanović

Dedicated and accomplished music and event industry professional with 20 years of experience in producing and managing diverse events. Proven expertise in orchestrating concerts, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, public gatherings, promotional events, theatre shows and sport/political receptions.

Exit festival, Tuborg Green fest – Serbia and Croatia, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ušće – Madonna, Depeche Mode; Sterijino pozorje, Cinema city, Beck’sperience, European Dance Fest, Mikser festival, Belgrade Summer Festival, International Film Festival – FEST, Belgrade Music Festival, Belgrade Fair Trade shows, EuroPride2022, Garden sessions, Belgrade Winter Fest, New Year’s Eve celebrations…..

From backstage to center stage,  sun kissed festivals to rain soaked performances, adept to overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from concept to execution, proving proficiency in managing events in all environments.

Enthusiastic about leveraging my extensive background to take on new and exciting challenges. Open to exploring roles that allow me to further enhance my expertise and make a meaningful impact.