Vasil Gjuroski

Vasil Gjuroski, a Balkan boy at the age of 42, found the peace and love in Tromsø and moved to fucking North-Pole / The Arctic. As a father to a five-year-old boy and married to a polar bear, his word for life is not less than FUCKK IT – LET´S GO! 
The crazy, never-let-go-village of Tromsø, Northern Norway, is now his place called home. Under the Northern Lights, Vasil often thinks back on his thrilling back-in-the-days of touring Europe with different amazing acts, working in the Balkans, calling Europe to make music and love.
He runs three festivals – children’s festival called Rabalder, small back in the yard festival – Hagefestn and Tromsø World festival who’s focus is bringing the edges to the Arctic! On top of that he is general and program manager at Student House Driv.
Vasil “Peter Pan” Gjuroski – aka I Refuse To Grow Up – also refuses to give up, and still fights for our right to listen to good music, have fun and enjoy life, as he’s been doing the last twenty years or something. 


Because, at the end, all you need is love, an amplifier and a bunch of really good LPs.