Vasil Gjuroski

Vasil Gjuroski, a Balkan boy at the age of 40, found the love of his life and moved to fucking North-Pole / The Arctic. Twenty years in the music industry and still searching for the ultimate festival booking. The crazy, never-let-go-village of Tromsø, Northern Norway, is now his place called home, living with his son and wife.

Programming director for Northern-Norway’s coolest out door music festival, Rakettnatt (fasten your seatbelts, astronauts!), as well as programming director for the Student House Driv. Living in the cold provides heavy dancing, therefore Vasil also force Tromsø-people to move at the urban dance festival, Winterland. Under the Northern Lights, Vasil often thinks back on his thrilling back-in-the-days of touring Europe with different amazing acts, working with the ever-best Password Production, as well as his really early days as a skinny radio host at Kanal103 and Cross Radio, calling Europe to make music and love.

If you listen really carefully, you might hear Vasil howling against the repeating snowstorm: “Hut dokker på besøk, jævla gærninga!”, perfectly translated to: “My oh my, dearest friends, come visit – I welcome you always!”