Vojislav Malešev

Vojislav Malešev aka DJ/MC KILLO KILLO was born in Novi Sad in 1975. He is employed as a singer at the Opera of the Serbian National Theater in his hometown. At the same time, he leads an independent project as MC Killo Killo, in which he sings over roots-reggae or riddim, and even drum and bass patterns, performing his own lyrics, sometimes adding oriental nuances to existing melodies, though most often using the work of Balkan-beat producers.

In 2007, he founded the group KILLO KILLO Banda, which performs the riddim genre in a very energetic fusion of funk and reggae. In the role of a DJ, Killo Killo actively participates in events organized by Global Village People, an association from Novi Sad that collects all kinds of world music and is involved in booking concerts and program selection of world music concerts at the EXIT festival.

Through music, Killo Killo nurtures its transglobal thinking, based on the idea that when listening to the music of India, the Middle East, the Balkans, North Africa and the Amazon, spiritual happiness and spiritual wealth are reached. As a DJ/MC, he easily encourages people to dance and enjoy modern rhythms combined with different Third World heritage, but sometimes he can also introduce people into a kind of meditative trance or a state close to a mystical experience.

He also had another band in Novi Sad, called Drum ‘N’ Zez.

He performed all over Europe, mostly in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. He collaborates with big world music DJ names, such as DJ Click, Kosta Kostov, Dunkelbunt, Shazalakazoo, Fokus, Superstereo, Neki… He was selected to perform at WOMEX in Thessaloniki, 2012, as part of the DJ showcase program.

He was the curator of “World music stage” at Exit festival and now is in charge for “Pachamama” stage.

Voja is a board member of Association Ring Ring and is also Creative production manager of World Music festival “Pocket Globe”