Zoran Stajčić

Editor-in-chief and one of the founders of the Croatian pop culture portal Ravno do dna (Ravnododna.com) since 2011., also editor and host od radio show Ravno do sna specialized exclusively for contemporary domestic and regional music on Radio Student since 2013.

He has 20 years of journalistic work specializing in music and pop culture, also a music critic who has covered all media formats (HRT, Nova TV / Dnevnik.hr, Jutarnji list, T-Portal, Metro, Play, IQ and Klik). He also worked as a journalist for Rolling Stone Croatia (2013.-2015.) During that period he had most cover stories and since October 2014 he was the executive editor of the Internet outlet Rollingstone.hr.

He translated two rock biographies (The Clash, Ray Manzarek), work as music photographer and had three exhibitions, directed one documentary and video clips for Croatian artists, organized concerts for more than 50 contemporary bands and authors, also organizes public music forums.

He was a leader of Croatian rock band Subway Dogs (1992. – 2004.), recorded three albums,  reached the top of the single national charts and performed on Slovenian Novi Rock festival in 1993.