Let’s meet Panelists of “Right here, right now”


EXIT Festival | RS

Since 2007 Sagor is in charge of the overall communication at Exit Festival. Apart from EXIT, he has also been one of the key figures behind some of the largest shows in the region with stars like Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Robbie Williams, Sting, Iron Maiden, Bob Dylan, Ennio Morricone, Ozzy Osbourn. He is also a creator of some of the most successful clubbing brands in the region and promotes parties in cities like London, Barcelona, Vienna, Brussels, Glasgow and Belgrade.


Drugstore | RS

Dragana Dobrić is the art director of Drugstore nightclub in Belgrade. As the creator of the concept Dragana has been responsible for Drugstore’s image and representation in the media since 2012. Besides being in charge of the nightlife segment of the club, Dragana organizes visual art, theater, food and fashion related events with other collaborators. Dragana marks 2012 as the beginning of her participation as content maker on Belgrade’s nightlife scene.

She has first opened Bivši, a cultural center and meeting point for creatives of Belgrade, with friend Nemanja with whom she now runs Drugstore. They made it into a cultural center which, after changing location in 2014, became one of the best underground nightclubs in Eastern Europe where many respectable and cutting-edge names from the music and arts world performed.