Panel #4 is revealed


Saturday | 12:00 – 13:00

Fame. One click away. Fans. One click away.

Publishing an album. One click away. Money. One click away. Fake news. One click away.

Illusion. One click away.

We measure the success by the number of views and likes..

So if it’s really that easy, then why don’t we all just buy them & enjoy our fake numbers.. oh wait..!

Can you really sell concert tickets, and have sustainable career by sponsoring posts online?

Should you move your ass off your desk a little bit?

What tools are you using besides sponsored posts and gaining likes, or you really don’t need anything else?

Are we all living in a parallel reality, expecting internet to sell everything that we produce, or we are just a piece, lost in that ocean of information.

Sponsors, marketing, YouTube, social media, festivals, digital distribution, record labels, fame, fake news, fake likes, fake views and copyright in one panel.

Let’s get real.