Music Ambassadors Tour (Film screening)

A documentary video about a 5-day trip to Ukraine by cultural event organizers from Europe, Georgia and Canada together with the Music Saves UA charity initiative.

Music Ambassadors Tour is a socio-cultural project that follows goals: first one is to attract music professionals from other countries to become cultural ambassadors of Ukraine at home. Second is to motivate them to raise funds, provide humanitarian aid, and ensure the stable operation of volunteer initiatives. Third is to discuss ways to develop cultural life in Ukraine, taking into account the realities of the war.

Participants of the Music Ambassadors Tour:
Michal Kascak, Slovakia — organizer of the largest music festival in Slovakia, Pohoda,
Login Kochishki, Macedonia — founder of the largest music festival TAKSIRAT in Macedonia, head of Password production
David Lezhava, Georgia — head of nonprofit organization ACT 4 culture
Zviad Gelbakhiani, Georgia — one of the founders of BASSIANI club and ISKRA festival
Mathieu Grondin, Canada — executive director of the nonprofit organization in Canada, MTL 24/24, which develops Montreal’s nightlife and economy 24/7
Ilze Jankovska, Latvia — publicist, democracy promoter at the Fund for Democracy, volunteer at Easy to Help
Ralf Niemczyk, Germany — journalist in Rolling Stone Germany

Creative team – UAME | Music Saves UA team
Project manager: Serhii Zeinalov
Film director: Kyryl Oleynіkov
Cinematographer: Maksym Kostenko
Editing and post-production: Serhii Zeinalov
Motion design: Eugene Voskobiinyk
Color correction: Oleksii Zavolokin
Sound mixing: Anastasia Klymova