Adventure Time – Special Festivals

Welcome to the side of the festival world, where ’boutique’ is too fancy a word. We’re talking about those ‘special’ festivals with die-hard fans, special models of funding, strange locations that make you go or line up what is not on your spotify list… “Really?” Some are run by crazy people who think a good idea is all you need for success. This panel isn’t about your usual festival giants. It’s a tribute to the speicial ideas behind the festivals, who somehow make it work, quirks and all. Expect stories of the weird, the wild, and the “what were they thinking?” in the world of festivals where normal is sometimes boring.

Moderator: Andrej Težak Tešky (Overjam Festival)
Speakers: Anne Runge (Fusion Festival), Yves Taquet (Goulash Disko Festival), Sveťo Moravčík (Uprising Festival), Ula Nowak (OFF Festival), Natsagdorj “George” Tserendorj (Playtime Festival)