The future of performance – Teleporting artists through holograms

Since humanity has been watching and reading science fiction stories the idea of teleporting someone for live interaction has been an intruiging factor in these stories.
From the covid livestream era on following 2020, digital performances got a boost in acceptance and appreciation by audiences, but the lack of interaction also ensured that the main preference immediately got back to ‘real perfomances’ by artists being present in the flesh.
Despite this fact hologram performances of, quite often deceased, artists have been succesful in the past years.
With the recent ABBA show being a striking example of how an experience comparable with a concert experience could be achieved.
Creating these experiences are often a costly undertaking and the technology is limited to broadcasting and no interaction is allowed.
Recent technological advantages bring a new spectrum to this field and allow audiences to directly communicate with a digital performing artist that can be playing live from the other side of the global.
Possibilities are endless and from integration of deepfakes, performances in various cities of the same time and collaborations between physical and digital artists are just a few to mention.
In what way will this impact events and performances? What are the opportunities? What are the chances? Is it a solution for bringing more sustainability to the sector? Does it ruin the real physical experience?
Presenter: Merlijn Poolman, nightmayor of the Dutch city of Groningen and currently head of program for the new Sony XRBD technology