Pandamonium Radio Show

Hosted by Irie Scratch & Tactivity

Pandamonium Radio Special, reporting live from PIN Conference, dissecting the panels and sessions and discussing with guests.

Pandamonium Radio is a podcast and online media outlet focused on promoting hip-hop music and local culture and events. Come and hear the report, their comments on the panels and why not jump in live on air!

After few years of dedicated work based on the love for the culture and the beginning of the 4th season just a month ago, the project is naturally evolving on a daily basis including new social media platforms and innovative ways of communication. From podcast hosting, to curation of Spotify playlists or 24/7 Discord discussions about new music – the Pandamonium crew does it all, supported by their passionate community of music nerds and artists, producers and DJs, who use both online and real-life networking to achieve each ones’ goals.

The Pandamonium Crew is doing a special podcast straight from PIN. Come and hear their report on the conference, their comments on the panels and presentations, all that enhanced by short guest appearances from conference participants. Why not join them and jump in live on air?

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