2.5 Bridge is MOST!

Why is it difficult from the Balkans to reach international audiences?
How can MOST help artists, managers break the wall?
What can festivals learn by working with each other?

MOST has currently OPEN CALLS for emerging bands, clubs & festivals and other young music professionals. Participants get financial support to boost their international career in the music industry. Join our panel to learn more about the opportunities first hand from previous participants!
MOST builds a bridge connecting the Balkans and the global music market, a bridge made up of personal connections, experience and exchange. MOST offers training programmes, mentoring, showcase visits, creative workshops, job-shadowing and fellowships, etc.
Be part of MOST and apply by the 12th December!
MOST is supported by Creative Europe, the European Union’s framework programme for the cultural sectors.

Learn more: mostmusic.eu
Bajram Kinolli – member of Gipsy Groove / Participant of MOST, Balkan Music Export pillar
Mila Georgieva – International Relations Manager, Bulgarian Music Association & A to JazZ Festival / partner of MOST
Marin Bosnjak – head of production at Mostar Rock School / Participant of MOST, Management Training pillar
Vladimir Vodalov – Festival consultant at EXIT Foundation / partner of MOST
Balázs Weyer – Programming director at Hangvető and MOST