Dinosaur & JR

Once upon a time artists were excited to see new countries, win over new audiences, get a van and live the rock ‘n roll live. Today it seems like the most important thing is how much they can earn for the next year and play as little as possible. One friend had said: “The most unstable currency is the artist fee”. Why is the market going crazy? Why doesn’t Madonna want to see Skopje? Did the Stones performed in Cuba for money or for fame? Is everything today only marketing for more money? If you read Henry Rolins’ “Get in the Van” from 20-30 years ago, do you believe any artist today can rewrite a similar book? Is there a recession or inflation next or will we gonna shout “Sky’s the Limit for Artist Fee!?” Who is creating the vision of the artist – the money, the will for performance, the territories, the management, booker? David or Goliath, Electric Castle or Glastonbury, 90’s or now?

Moderator: Vasil Gjuroski
Speakers: Geoff Meall, Stefan Kazaryan, Zeljko Pendic, Nick Hobbs