I Am A Loser Baby

I am young and stupid, nobody loves me, but HEY – I am very very talented! How can I get a gig out of my borders, I don’t have any export office, no public support, money zero, my parents push me to work and earn for myself. Showcase conferences, talent export, exchange program, it’s all so sweet, but so distant. I am from Titov Veles, do you know where is that?! Please help me I wanna be… Something. Showcase director, artist, manager, booker – is it enough to hear all the four sides of the truth and opportunities? 

Moderator: Matjaz Mancek
Speakers: Luka Gjorgjievski, Nebojsa Petrovic, Koen ter Heegde, Ahmetcan Tasdemir & Peter Astedt