1.4 Using Web 3.0 to Reinvent the Music Industry

Hype, Hysteria, Hope, sure, and maybe some real practical applications.

Web 3.0 is a shift of power giving consumers control over how value is exchanged. For years artists have been able to self release directly to platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, or with very low friction to Apple and Spotify, what happens if the need for a centralised platform is removed?

For years the complexity of how money moves around the music industry has kept fresh investment out, and empowered established players, centralising opportunity in a few cities and regions. Can the Metaverse, NFT’s, DAO’s and other Web 3 applications democratise investment and level the playing field? How!

Picking through the hype, signposting opportunity, the future is unwritten, but you make your own luck….

Speaker: Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt