2.6 When the Music’s Over

Clubs and venues are full for next 3 years, festivals just postponed their program for the last 3 years… The same goes for bookers, artists, management’s… almost the whole music ecosystem is under pressure .

New year, new perspectives, but not many options for newcomers, artists with new albums wish to go on tour again and not only the artist, his crew & team is also in danger…?

So, what they need to do, wait for the next 3 years, put their albums out or keep it for some normal time, some of the artists will lose their popularity, many cultural companies will have a problem with employers who are interested to be in our Creative world…

One old boss says ”the creative pandemic just starts, you will see“!

Moderator: Bogdan Benigar

Speakers: Etienne Ziller, Florian Joeckel, Rémi Bruggmann, Ivan Lončarević