3.1 Wild, Wild East

Third countries, emerging markets, West Balkan, East Europe, from Balkan to Baltic, Bridge without borders, some of the things you can hear about us.

Who are we: pagans, noncivilized countries, not (enough attractive and sexy) interesting markets, nonpotential territories, where is the problem?

Not enough people, no Coca-Cola representative, third party league, bad export cultural promotion or cheap tickets..?

But, in these markets, there are Sziget, Exit, Tallinn Music week, tours with Rammstein, Iron Maiden, so something happened… some hope exists…

Enjoy, traditional talks about efforts one day East to be West!   

Moderator: Balázs Weyer

Speaker: Ahmetcan Tasdemir, Nick Todorov, Sergei Krivchikov, Tamara Kamińska