What’s up SKOPJE?


The month of November in Macedonia is characterized by rapidly falling daily temperatures, with daily highs between 15°C to 18°C. During the evening, the temperatures are lower ranging between 8°C and 6°C. Also, it is possible to be rainy. So just put on your favourite coat and check the weather forecast.


The official currency in Macedonia is Denar. One Euro is around 61 Denars. Please be aware that restaurants, cafes and other commercial places do not accept Euros. You will find exchange stores at the city center, which is on a 5 minute walk from the venue, or at the airport. Anyway ou can pay by using credit cards almost everywhere.

Duo Lingo

Hello! Zdravo! Excuse me, … Isvinete, …
Good day! Dobar den! My name is … Јas sum …
Goodbye! Tshao! Cheers! Na sdravye!
yes da What does it cost …? Kolku tshini … ?
no ne Pay please. Smetkata ve molam!
Thank you very much! Blagodaram! I don’t speak … Ne sboruvam …