Antonie & OFF-GROUND Ensemble

OFF-GROUND Ensemble consists of 12 members, one of the most prominent names of the Macedonian cultural music scene.

Started from Antonie Veskovski as a composer (see Antonie), arranger and producer, as well as Ivan Petrovski as arranger.

This ensemble represents the duality and equality, colors and shades of the nature, but also the cruelty of the same expressed through the magical music performed by this ensemble.

Modern jazz & world music in fusion with the Balkan tradition and African rhythms are fitted into this group that offers extraordinary audio-visual experience.


Members of the ensemble:

Antonie Veskovski – vibraphone, tambourine and percussion
Ivan Petrovski – guitar
Nevrus Bajram – guitar
Petar Lukikj – keyboards
Filip Dimishkovski – keyboards
Kalina Velkovska – vocals
Emilija Koloska – vocals
Andrea Mircheska – double bass
Dejan Mitrovikj – bass guitar
Aleksandar Vanchovski – drums
Viktor Filipovski – drums
Ratko Dautovski – percussion