2.3 Cancelling Culture

There’s a new wave in the field of cancel culture that’s slowly taking over the music industry, and it’s musicians who are essentially canceling themselves, radio & tv stations that cut out song lyrics which include “inappropriate” phrases which were once considered acceptable, streaming services who suspend playlists, promoters who cancel shows or drop acts afraid of socio-digital backlash or governments imposing censorship. This is a simple but extremely broad concept and it is difficult to define its limits. 

How cancel culture is becoming politicized – just like political correctness

Somebody say that Jesus was the first example of canceling culture…? It’s obvious, we cannot solve this problem, but let’s see what’s happening today in culture and art?

Moderator: Andraž Kajzer
Speakers: Ivan M. Petrovic, Stefan Kazaryan, Balázs Weyer, Oliver Belopeta, Lena Ingwersen