Target New Audience: Navigating the Changing Media Landscape

In this panel, moderated by Ida Prester, experts Sanjin Đukić, Nikki McNeill, András Berta, and Hein Fokker will explore the evolving world of media and marketing in the music industry. They will discuss the relevance of traditional media in the age of digital platforms and is this enough to break through internationally? Did “Digital kill the traditional media” as “Video killed the radio star?”, what are effective marketing strategies for artists, festivals, and labels for new audience engagement.

The panel will also dive into the debate of hiring a PR professional versus a DIY approach to marketing, offering insights and advice for successfully reaching new audiences in today’s dynamic media environment.

Moderator: Ida Prester
Speakers: Sanjin Đukić, Nikki McNeill, András Berta, Hein Fokker