2.7 Hit the road Jack: boosting new European talent in the post-covid era

Increasing production costs, lack of technicians and security staff on the market, lower ticket sales… these are just a few of the challenges that music venues are facing as they recover from the pandemic. On top of this, the energy crisis is further increasing the costs of the bills, forcing some music venues to close their doors for a few weeks to put up with the price.

How is this situation impacting the tours of artists, especially younger bands which suffered the most from the crisis? Can music venues continue to afford to take risks on new acts at a time when they cannot count on loyal audiences? And what can be done to continue supporting the circulation of talent at EU level?  This panel will address these challenges together with representatives of Liveurope, the EU-funded initiative encouraging venues in their efforts to boost the European music scene.

Moderator: Matjaž Manček
Speakers: Elise Phamgia, Inês Henriques, Hugo Ferreira, Dina Jashari